We are a local web design studio that builds affordable modern websites for small businesses. book a call to see what we can do.

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websites start at $349



our goal is to create compelling, modern, and effective websites. We know Web design can be expensive and is a headache to figure out. Let us take that off your plate and elevate your business.


we are a small agency and want to provide web design services any business owner can afford. we focus on small to medium sized projects. a basic website all-in starts at $349.


we craft websites to highlight your business and what makes it unique. we use your colors, logo, and images in a cohesive design that elevates your business.


We are always here to make sure your website is up to date, not just with security and patches, but with your most up to date content. Just as it should be.

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If you’re running a service-based business, you need a website to build trust and grow your business. I understand the intricacies of running a small business since That’s all I do day-in and day-out and it’s what I’m most passionate about.

if you’re looking for an award winning web design or something on the cutting edge design trends, that isn’t me. my sole focus is on two things: user experience (for your customers) and profitability (for your company). It’s not about me, it’s about you and your company.
When you hire me You’re hiring someone that’s going to wake up every day working to grow your business with you. 
If you’re ready to get started, let’s chat. Whether you already have a site or need one from scratch, i’m happy to help.
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brand reputation protection

Keep that 5 star status.
We'll keep an eye on things for you, making sure people find the best side of your business when they search online. Bad reviews, wrong info...we'll help you handle it.


want to sell stuff? 
Add a shopping cart and checkout so customers can buy directly from you.


Not sure what to say?
We've got you covered.  we'll find the right words to explain you and your business to ensure it connects with your customers.

graphic design

Make a great first impression. 
From a sharp logo to eye-catching website graphics, we'll give your business a polished, professional look that people will remember.


Show them what you're all about!
Great photos of your work, your team, and even your location make your website way more engaging.

business email

send emails from your business
one of the best ways to build trust and build your brand is to have a branded business email account using your website name. 


If Google can't see you, neither can customers.
we optimize for sEO on every page to ensure you are seen everywhere your customers are.

booking appointments

want to schedule appointments?
We will make sure customers can book and you will see it on your own calendar. 







No pressure, just a chat to understand your business and website goals.

We will explore how your website can best represent your brand and serve your clients.
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We will discuss what you need and build a custom website design proposal to outline what we are doing and what it will cost.

we will review the plan together to ensure the design aligns perfectly with what you want.


Once the design is finalized and approved, we'll bring your vision to life.

We handle all the technical aspects, from development to testing, ensuring a smooth launch.

*Once your new site is live, we will create your user account where you can manage your account, request support or even tell us about changes you want. we're here for any questions or tweaks. Our goal is a website that grows with your business!



Or just call/text (801) 518-0889


How much does a typical website cost?

it’s hard to say exactly what it will cost before we’ve had a chance to talk about your business. but to give you an idea, i focus on small businesse that have a budget between $349-$2000 to spend on a website. for a standard website your cost will almost always stay under $500. Our monthly maintenance cost is generally $69 unless we are building something that requires additional support and maintenance. 

What is the typical timeline for designing and launching a new website from start to finish?

a standard website can be up and going in as little as 2-4 weeks. if you already know what images and text you want on your website, it can be even faster. for a large custom website it can take several months depending on the funtionality you need.

What kind of ongoing support and maintenance services do I get post-launch?

every website we build is required to have a monthly maintenance plan. This plan includes access to a client portal where you can request changes, updates, etc that we will handle for you. we provide one-on-one support for every client and pride ourselves in making sure your website is always up-to-date to perfectly reflect your business.

How will my website be optimized for search engines?

we build your website from the ground up with search engine optimization in mind. this means we focus on using keywords and design principles that will give you the best chance at showing up in a search that is related to your business.

If I need to change something on my website after it’s done, how easy it that to do? 

you can request chanes directly in your client portal, right here on our website. once you are a client, you will be able to login and request changes. you will also be able to follow the progress of those requests so you always know exactly what is going on with your website.

How much is the website design customized to fit my business and brand?

if you already have an established brand and a website, we will use your existing brand logo and color schemes to build your new website while using modern design principles to ensure it ‘feels’ like your brand and is familiar to your customers. If you don’t have a design in mind we can work with you to build something we know you will love. 

you say websites start at $349, but what do I actually get for that?

a standard website is what we base this price on. a standard website from us will generally include 4-5 sections of content (features, services, about, contact, etc.). we can build individual pages for that content, or build something like our website where everything is on a single page, but still has the links in a menu at the top. a standard website also always includes a customer contact form to make sure you are easily contacted by your customers. when you need functionality to book appointments, have customer accounts, ecommerce, or other custom features then it may be more expensive, it just depends on your needs.

What is the monthly cost?

the monthly cost for a standard website is $69. this includes making sure your website is up-to-date with patches and backend updates as well as making any updates from you. we provide one-on-one support to make sure your website is working for you and your business. for example, if you run an insurance agency and want to put up a new blog post, you just send us the content and we will publish it for you.  

How do you ensure the website is fast and it works well on mobile devices?

since we build your website from the ground up, we build your website with mobile in mind – right from the start. we always test every page for desktop, tablet, and mobile to ensure the content looks exactly like it should no matter how your customers are viewing it.

What kind of content do I need to provide and what will peak creativ provide?

for standard websites, you are responsible for providing all content (images, logos, text, color scheme, etc.) and we will build the website using the design that we agree on when we build your plan. during the planning stage we will provide you an outline of the website with block outs for each section that we will build. it will be your responsbility to provide images or text for the sections we are building. if you would like us to completely design your website we would be happy to be involved in that process as well – just know that may take much more time and cost more. 

Can I see examples of websites you've built for other businesses like mine?

Of course! just click on the “our work” section at the top and click on any of the websites you see to go see the entire website. those were all built by us and give you a general idea of what we have done in the past. if you like the design of something you see, just let us know and we can use that as inspiration as we build out your website.